The chair which we are discussing now is available in 4 variants. The 3-D armrests can provide you with proper support for your hand and wrist. Since we don't sell AKRacing, we can't comment on the warranty claim process under the warranty. High Quality Comfortable Ergonomic Design with Headrest and Lumbar Cushions; Comfortable Foam Cushioned Armrests Adjust Up and Down Easily, Extra high backrest to support neck and spine, Flexible seat back with adjustment; Special soft armrests with adjustment protect shoulders and wrists, Patent race car seat breathable material: Carbon Look Vinyle and PU cover; Extra higher backrest to save neck and spinal, Flexible seat back with adjustment, Patent race car seat breathable material strong mesh and PU; Extra higher backrest to save neck and spinal, Flexible seat back with adjustment, Backrest is high and straight for great head support; Flexible seat back with adjustment; 360-degree swivel base with smooth 3" double caster wheels, for easy rolling, Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and comfortably, Free bonus: lumbar cushion; Wider seat, Patent race car seat breathable material: Leather Style Vinyl, Patent race car seat breathable material: strong Mesh and PU cover; Extra higher backrest to save neck and spinal, Flexible seat back with adjustment, Top 10 Best Commercial Food Warmer Countertop in 2021 Reviews | Guide, Top 10 Best Steam Press Machines in 2021 | Digital Steam Press, Top 10 Best Portable Refrigerators in 2021 Reviews | Buyer's Guide, Top 10 Best Toilet Bowl Brushes in 2021 Reviews | Guide, List of Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs in 2021, Top 10 Best Can Openers in 2021 Review | Guide, #9. The cover type that is the most common is PU (Faux-leather). Built to last, we have a warranty on the chair parts for two years and lifetime warranty on the internal steel frame. It is time to go through our list and choose the correct chair rather than going through hundreds of different options and wasting a lot of your time. So, when looking to choose the best Dxracer gaming chairs, it is essential to look at these top 10 options. It's hard to play your best if you're not comfortable. And, if you’ve ever sat inside a luxury sports car, you know this background holds merit. This being said, returning a 70 lbs chair can be time consuming. DXRacer OH/RAA106 Racing Series Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Gaming Home Office Leather Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Swivel Base, Wheels, and Headrest, Standard, Black and White. The ergonomic design of the chair allows you to use it quite easily. The LEDs are located on the backseat so you can't see them while you're sitting. As a reseller, this is probably one of the features that we feel is underrated. We will now discuss each features and which brand "wins" each category. 1. Copyright © 2013-2020. DXRacer Iron Series Newedge Gaming Chair, #7. Armrests are also similar in all brands. The best example is Cougar. This means that there is a high variety of colors, design and style that you can choose from compared to the other brands. The tilt provided is up to 135. You can quickly get proper hand support. As you shown above, DXRacer offers over 130 different models. That is what this GAMDIAS product offers and more. With over 130 models, 12 different series and a wide variety of colors and design, it's hard to not find a chair that fits you or that you like. In the past, PVC, another faux-leather type, was more durable but nowadays, they are both similar. Free & fast shipping! The gaming chair which we are speaking now has an ergonomic design. They offer 3 or 4 directions adjustments. We tried to find more information about their warranty claim process but unfortunately, at the time of this article, they don't have an official US or Canadian website. The flexible seat makes it easier for you to adjust it. It has a weight carrying capacity of 200 lbs. In the office, we have a chair that has been used daily (8h to 12h per day) for the past 3 years and it still feels and looks brand new. It is versatile and ideal for use as a gaming chair or an office chair. E-Blue is known for its unique design and it's the only gaming chair in the market with a mesh backseat. This is why some information are not available at the moment. Best gaming chair for 2020: Top chair picks for PC or console gaming. This is their latest model that you can check out by clicking here. The option on top of our list consists of 11 different color options. There are a couple of foam cushions which come along with it. You can click here to check our quick guide showing which chair is recommended depending on your weight.