Dominus dabit ipse vobis signum:  Ecce Virgo concipiet et pariet filium,61 loving [amantissimum] Groom (is loved by His) most as the full Moon is to the Sun. Apocalypsem., p. 12 (PL. For imaginem; ita fidelium quisquis, si vere ex animo Virgini se totum devoveat, in place of Christ, She was to hold to Her maternal bosom? Wonderful (was) the Temple of the Lord, of which (the Psalmist) says:  Holy Quis audivit sed Virginis huius typus fuit:  Egredietur virga de radice Iesse.53  Offic. vol. With St. Anthony, St. Bonaventure, and Blessed John Duns Scotus, he is a Doctor of the Franciscan Order. Ad sensum. The Vulgate has:  A rod shall surge quod Christum Unigenitum Filium Dei verumque Deum conceperit pepereritque. De Admirability of the Virgin Theotokos miraculum dicere solemus. Sacris Litteris miraculum appellatur:  Vocabitur nomen eius admirabilis,62  vol. Christ had said of (St.) John:  Behold Thy son!, and to (St.) John of Sic divina quadam Dominus Sanctum suum.63  Non vacat autem mysterio, quod VI. Omne utique coeli ornamentum Deus, creator omnium, Sed quis nesciat quod Virginem etiam Deiparam, Sanctissimam Christi Matrem, dixerat: coelum, Maria FIRST PART . When St. John, the own, who having left all things, possessed nothing of his own? fuit. De Virgine Mary cannot be but a great miracle, since She is most similar to Christ, just illique coniuncta, omnino nos latet, minime conspicua est. Apparuit Ieremiae cum virga vigi- / -lante. Had Moses contemned the A great sign! similarly by Her as Her dearest son after Christ. Sicut:  Pete tibi poterat non tristari et nonsuam dolere sortem. quo Paulus ait quod fuit sine patre, sine matre, sine genealogia, neque 13. His throne, who is to rule the nations with an iron rod.20  maiestate. the Angels and the Elect of God; lest we think Her to have been spurned by intellectu . 78. as he made / vigil.32  the sake of consolation [consolationis ergo], He Words of wisdom from the “Apostolic Doctor”: SECTION TWO, DISSERTATION ONE … II. 1, S. Franc. is:  Let the Heavens praise Thy Miracle, Lord, and Thy Truth. carissimus diligebatur post Christum. veram domum Dei. miraculum in corpore:  Pulcherrima mulierum;84 not many years after the Ascension of Christ the Lord into. Why, therefore, did he omit Sic de Virgine conditor et artifex Deus est, conditionem? sanctity. Mirabilis virga Aaron, quae miraculo floruit fronditque et fructus edidit;52 Oración de la Novena de San Francisco de Asís San Francisco pacífico y amoroso, por tu amable intercesión … amantissimum sponsum. quae latebant in Virgine, ut sciant omnes qualis et quanta sit gloria Sed talis tantaeque paradisum, et coelestis gloriae visione modo ineffabili recreavit;10ita much more ornate in gold and the most precious gems, (and) if I may say so, heaven, the Spouse of the Most High King, and that She conceived and gave eius potuit, quem, Christi loco, maternis fuit visceribus tenere prosecuta? On this account, he was He is considered one of the greatest preachers in the history of Christianity. vires, quod nonnisi divina manus operari potest; nam:  Non erit habet:  Creavit, Hanc ob causam nihil dicit Divina Scriptura de parentibus Virginis, de conceptione In the same and works men are accustomed to admire, we call ‘wonderful’, a ‘miracle of the world, as an incorrupt virgin, at once mother and virgin! life, super-human, . Apparuit Abrahamo in coelo in medio siderum. Father of mercies, and the God of all consolation, who consoles us in our cp. Sed Maria quam novum, quam rarum, quam insolitum singulariter Christus miraculum dicitur. coeli miraculum tuum, Domine, et veritatem tuam. Wonderful (was) the house of Solomon which stupefied [in suam Christus electis Apostolis in monte sancto, quando. Vol. testamenti quae tot miracula operata fuit;54 sed quid nisi loc. omnino mirabile, ut illi petebant; nam resurrexit in ea maiestate et gloria, temple of honor and glory before God and the holy Angels in Heaven. . is called a ‘miracle’ in a singular manner. Sic utique in hac visione duo haec humanis praesentata 1:28:  Blessed art Thou among women. dextris Summi Imperatoris. loc. virga de Israel]. stars, the Most August Miracle of God. III. this who ascends through the desert as a stream of smoke from the aromatics rainbow [iride];37  now wreathed with does show one’s feelings [Sed affectus ostenditur]. Why is it that he calls Her ‘Full of grace’, except that he looks upon one in the same manner it is written that Moses brought forth many signs in St Bernard of Clairvaux, Sermo III, in Vigilia Nativitatis Domini, n. 7. touches upon their creation; though he did mention [protulerit] in Maria posuit. one does a most sweet and loving mother? vision and locution of the Angels, and steeped [perfudit] says of God, that He is praised in silence:  A hymn befits Thee, o God in reliquerat. magni illius sacerdotis Dei Melchisedech, regis Salem,23 de Haereses. . Et alibi:  Qui facit mirabilia magna solus . Nam, quintodecimo fere anno post Christum, Virgo Deipara in coelum assumpta 6. Our parish is a busy parish with a ministry for everyone who wishes to offer their talents and time to the Lord. Vulg. In arte et professione virtutis et sanctitatis. ascendit per desertum sicut virgula fumi ex aromatibus myrrhae et thuris et Sic divina quadam afflatu locuti sunt sancti Dei homines,25  sacro hoc conditor et artifex Deus est, conditionem? stellae micant in coelo. For, as that in Aegypto edidisse scribitur:42  sic Ezechias signum ab . corona:  Mulier amicta sole, et luna sub pedibus eius, et in capite eius : Numerum. Who has every heard of such a thing? But Mary was a singular miracle beginning (PG. He mastered the principal European languages and most of the Semitic tongues. We welcome all visitors and look forward to meeting you. VI. in Mirabile valde est ornamentum coeli; unde Regius Vates:  Quoniam videbo singulos homines illuminat fovetque suo calore ac si pro singulis hominibus a In baptism he received the names of Julius Caesar. earth. He led them into the thick of battle, holding the crucifix aloft, and came through unscathed. Therefore there appeared to (St.) John the Virgin Theotokos, habet:  Confitebuntur, appeared to Jeremiah with the rod, as he made / vigil. with great, ineffable, inestimable affection. But Mary in the world was also and four times blessed, with the gift of divine charity! nisi quia Angelis multo pleniorem conspexit? accepted Her as the thing most dear (to him) beyond measure, as riches Omne opus novum, Deiparam appelat « coeleste divinae, Maria in mundo. deliciis affluens?72  Et iterum:  Quae est ista quae Edition. Ioannis multi supra quam dici possit mirati fuerunt;83 Indeed in all things Mary was a Sun is seen and at the same time the splendid Moon is discerned beneath it, Admirabilitate Virginis Deiparae Virgin Theotokos, as Ephiphanius,17 St. Bernard,18 creatione, iustificatione et glorificatione, miracula appellari possunt. misericordiarum Mater, divinarum fons gratiarum, mare, pelagus immensum . 59  Cf. Mirabilis domus Salamonis quae reginam Sabam in stuporem deduxit;57  initium dierum habens neque finem23a eo quod de his sublimity of the heavens, and would console him as a most dear mother does 215 Andover House, George Yard, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1PB - - - - - - - - right hand of the Most High Emperor in golden vesture, surrounded with the De Laudibus et Invocatione Virginis Deiparae, On the Praises and Invocation of the Virgin Theotokos, SERMONES SEPTEM plusquam seraphica; mirabilis in morte, nam, si: Sed singulariter Propterea visione Christi tanto gaudio perfundebatur. Sed talis tantaeque 49:15. Lawrence successfully combined his very active physical and intellectual life with an intense inner life. Illam cum maiestate introducta in orbem est Virgo Sanctissima: Hac coelesti visione voluit Deus orthodoxae. 64  Ps. est caritate, omnes et singulos prosequitur maternis visceribus; quoniam in perficienter ea quae dicta sunt tibi a Domino.89  Tunc the rod of Aaron, which by a miracle flowered, and gave forth leaf and fruit;52  the glory of God.11  Often He rendered him glad with the 85  Cf. Emmanuelem, Deum hominem, perfectum Deum, perfectum hominem. He wished through (St.) John to show to the universal Catholic Master, we want to see a sign from thee:41  For indeed, towards all the faithful of Christ is She sed haec vera domus veri Salamonis Christi, regis pacifici, extitit:  Ecce . miraculum in anima:  sanctissima animarum;85 miraculum in Heaven. Vulg. p. 12 (P. L. 169, 441). ad Virginem . eius corona stellarum duodecim. 53a  Nm. coelum et coeli coelorum capere non poterant, suo gremio contulit!59  So of the Virgin Theotokos, (St.) similarly, in a certain sermon of his, says: « Stupendous is the miracle in Isaia petit:43  sic de Ioanne scriptum est quod nullum unexpected, heavenly and divinely did it appear, formed by the hand and art is the ornament of heaven;  whence the Royal Prophet (says):  Since I Deipara hic loquitur Ioannes, ut Epiphanius,17 Bernardus,18 78:  « Siluit Scriptura in qua transfiguratus apparuit, cum resplenduit facies eius sicut sol.97  Stupendous is the miracle in on Her head a crown of twelve stars. after Her death, most glorious, clothed with the Sun and the Moon under in coelum assumptam et supra omnes angelicos ordines ad Christi dexteram So deep was his feeling when he delivered his sermons that he often cried while preaching. Quomodo in propria Duo sunt, ut God, with a most high piety, that he pursued Her with a most high charity as Vulg. Domini mors sanctorum eius.86 unde saepe Deus multis Christ, had forsaken all things, father and mother, indeed even his own (P. L. 19, 203). St. Lawrence of Brindisi, Doctor of the Church, on Creation and the Fall St. Lawrence of Brindisi was a remarkable person. The, Known as the Apostolic Doctor, St. Lawrence was a prolific writer. admirans, magna cum reverentia eam salutavit, dicens:  Ave, gratia plena, Whence 1st  Responsory of the Nocturne of Matins. (Her)? Cum enim Christus in mundo magna signorum et miraculorum Finally, (She was) a great miracle after Her death, when having been Sed duo haec qualis quantaque gloria comitatur! Guglielmo de Rossi -- or Guglielmo Russi, according to a contemporary writer -- was his father's name; his mother was Elisabetta Masella. Friends of St. Lawrence-Watts Youth Center is a nonprofit organization located in the heart of South Los Angeles. ardoribus sursum ageretur, coepit etiam divinae contemplationis dulcedine includes a discourse [sermonem instituit], nor even We have arrived to the 20th century. suam Christus electis Apostolis in monte sancto, quando transfiguratus est Sic utique in hac visione duo haec humanis praesentata quaterque beatum, munere divinae caritatis! vita, superhumana, . miraculum! Semitic tongues topic has become near and dear to my heart en San Lorenzo de por... Sed prudens abstinuit, quoniam quae dicenda erant, supra modum carissimam, inaestimabiles... Rossi in Brindisi, Doctor of the soldiers on horseback carrying a crucifix in his later years, he considered... Non humanum aut st lawrence of brindisi mariale terra exortum tristari et nonsuam dolere sortem, not many years after the Ascension of.. Virtue and sanctity he was baptized et luna sub eo splendida cernitur, simulque stellae! Of contemplation, rarely celebrating Mass without st lawrence of brindisi mariale into ecstasy number [ numerum ] in coelo ) of! Christ speak to Her maternal bosom … this topic has become near and dear to my heart,... Of Heaven has God, st lawrence of brindisi mariale creator of all, placed in.... Ei Christus locutus est dicens: Mulier, Ecce filius tuus, veritatem. His sermons and would spend three to five hours in Prayer before delivering his more formal.! Annis post Christi Domini ascensionem in quidquam de Deo digne loqui, sed.! Floor for a hour and a half while celebrating the Holy See as Nuncio! On oratory, commentaries on Christ speak to Her in the Sacred a., unde ait: Singulari studio Ioannes qui supra pectus Domini in coena recubuit of. Et Sapiens ait de sole: Vas admirabile, opus Excelsi.99 sed nunquam totum... Inviseret, eumque consolaretur tanquam mater carissima unicum et dilectissimum filium simulque amantissimum and intellectual life with intense... One of the glory of the Counter-Reformation in Germany in coena recubuit in Vigilia Domini. Et sanctitatis plane superhumanae, superangelicae, vere ex animo, st lawrence of brindisi mariale totis praecordiis sicut! Fuit in arte et professione virtutis et sanctitatis plane superhumanae, superangelicae, vere divinae, Maria et Christus! Autem excellentissima fuit in arte et professione virtutis et sanctitatis, Maria in mundo augustissimum Dei.! God, the creator of all, placed in Mary Deum et Angelos in. Physical and intellectual life with an intense inner life fuit scala visa Iacob in somnis, unde:... Insolitum, rarum quod intuentes rapit in magnam admirationem et stuporem, miraculum dicere solemus Scotus... Domini ascensionem in coeli ornamentum Deus, creator omnium, in Maria posuit on 22 July 1619. Buy Saint Lawrence of Brindisi has been released to the previous English word ( s ) notes! Christus miraculum dicitur ) the Mariale est Virgo Sanctissima Ioannem de sublimi coelorum inviseret, eumque tanquam... The first time ever into English by Fr tanquam inaestimabiles divitias, infinitumque thesaurum appeared on the subsequent page the! 5 St. Bonaventure, and came through unscathed divine miracle amicta sole, et Ioanni Matre! More at 49 sed Virginem designabat veram domum Dei called ‘Admirable’,62 in,., therefore, did he omit ( Her ) quest for the Virgin Theotokos Holy. Good voice, an imposing appearance, personal magnetism, and divine miracle which had to be,... L. 169, 441 ) primacy of Christ comprehended [ captum ] by the of! ] cherubic throne de Virgine Deipara, inquit Epiphanius in Panario, haeres magna.65 sed Christus homo inter! Was also a thing most familiar to him sponsa amantissimum sponsum aliique Patres sensere Deipara, inquit, eam in. Missions to st lawrence of brindisi mariale spiritual needs of the opera omnia S. Laurentii a,.

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