I love cod and this was such a nice way to mix it up . This is a classic Spanish salt cod recipe with a thick garlic, olive oil and chili sauce: it’s also known as bacalao al pil pil in Spain! Thanks Donna! The key is choosing salt cod is to purchase a piece of fish that isn’t too thin. Refrigerate for 8 hours. Stir in the tomato purée, vegetable stock, chickpeas and roasted red peppers. Then remove it from the heat and let it stand. Skip to content. Although the original recipe calls for fresh tomatoes, it’s possible to substitute canned tomatoes. repeat this process every day until you are ready to prepare the dish. ividing her time between Canada, Guatemala and Mexico, publisher Michele Peterson’s award-winning w. she  helps readers plan vacations and make delicious global recipes at home. Yes, soaking the fish and changing the water frequently also serves to rehydrate the salt cod. Heat half the oil in a frying pan, and sauté the onion over a medium heat until soft and pale gold – this will take about 8 mins.Remove from the pan, set aside, and add the potatoes to the pan. Scrape the mixture into the bowl with the potatoes. Nice to be back on your site. Bacalao – our most foreign dish. Heat thoroughly for 10 minutes. After leaching the salt out, the cod can be cooked in many ways—fried, boiled, or simmered in sauce to name a few. The world's most amazing food, drink and sun destinations, Posted March 26, 2017, Updated July 28, 2020 //  by Michele Peterson 20 Comments. Her award-winning travel and food writing has appeared in Lonely Planet’s cookbook Mexico: From the Source, National Geographic Traveler, Fodor’s and 100+ other publications. Soak the salt cod in cold water for 24 hours, changing the water three or four times. You can speed up the soaking of the salt cod by using slightly warmer water. 1. Fill a saucepan with enough water to cover the salt cod, add some aromatics like thyme, garlic, and a bay leaf, and simmer it for about 10 minutes. Repeat until all the fish is cooked. Enjoy as part of a Christmas or New Year’s Eve Menu with. Place it in the refrigerator and allow it to soak in the water for 24 hours. Required fields are marked *. Bolas de Bacalao Frito (Fried Cod Fish Ball Tapa), Fried Cod Fish Ball Tapas (Bolas de Bacalao Frito) Recipe, Gambas al Ajillo (Spanish Garlic Shrimp Tapas), How to Cook Pacific Cod and Alaskan Pollock Fish, Preparing Spanish Dried Salt Tuna Known as Mojama, Spain's Food and the 6 Different Culinary Regions, 9 Authentic Latin and Caribbean Recipes for Easter. I might try this one day . Cook for 4-5 minutes until thickened. It’s also possible to prepare the tomato sauce in advance. Once you’ve made the batter, use it immediately. Saute the onion in the oil until it is softened. 2 egg yolks 3. If you don’t remove enough it’s inedible and if you remove too much it’s just bland. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a0b45e67d4ec3ff6a28754badf51aaf8" );document.getElementById("aea0c206b4").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2. Add potatoes, carrots, water, salt, and pepper and cook covered for about ten minutes, or until vegetables are tender. These were my favorite part of an elaborate Seven Fishes Christmas Eve dinner that I made for my family. Do you like salt cod? Rinse the salt cod, put it in a saucepan, cover with the milk and bring to the boil. In the nation's capital, the most popular preparation is this version of a classic salt cod dish from the Spanish province of Vizcaya. Begin the process of soaking the salt cod four days before you want to prepare the dish. Throughout Latin America, bacalao Spanish-style is especially popular for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Semana Santa,  the week leading up to Easter Sunday. I know you’ll be cooking up a storm. 4. Using salt to preserve meat and fish is one of our oldest culinary tricks. Bacalao a la Vizcaina is a delicious Spanish salt cod dish from the Basque region of Spain that’s also very popular in Mexico, Guatemala and throughout  Latin America. Place it into the refrigerator while it's soaking, Puree the onion, garlic, tomato and water in a food processor until a fine consistency. Break the eggs into a bowl and beat ligthly until blended. the most popular Portuguese recipes with salt cod are the Bacalhau de nata, cooked in the oven with cream, the Bacalhau à Bras, with potatoes and eggs and the Bolinhos de bacalau, meatballs with salt cod, potatoes and fresh parsley, fried in oil. Place the salt cod in a rectangular glass Pyrex dish and cover it with cool water. I just made this recipe last night and it was great! This looks delicious! Guatemala looks beautiful. Sweet and tasty roasted piquillo peppers are first stuffed with a mixture of salt cod, white wine, onions, and garlic. It is always fun to try something new and this is going on the list Thanks for sharing. Try to work quickly so the batter doesn't begin to separate. Serve them with alioli sauce (garlic mayonnaise) and/or Spanish sofrito (tomato sauce) for a unique and tasty appetizer. The meat should be firm, fresh and flavorful (not salty). Something I will have to make for my spanish husband who is cod obsessed! The tomato sauce can be prepared in advance and reheated when you're ready to add the fish and olives. Place the fish in the tomato sauce and add the potatoes and olives, Cover and heat thoroughly at a medium temperature (5-10 minutes). Chile rellenos are a favourite of my husband but I never considered that we might try making them ourselves. 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