when i move the switch to the closed position the sunroof closes then opens at the end Had this problem with a laguna II 1.8 . If I press the middle button the sunroof goes up and down but when I press it back it doesn't actually open. the sunshade will only close in the back moon-roof portion but refuses to close over the front sunroof portion. The motor seems to be working fine in reverse. The seal is good, meaning it is not hard and it is still positioned correctly on the sunroof. Tried sunroof reset many times but dose not … It seems to be cocking in the passenger side channel at the end of its travel. When the motor fails, the sunroof … Sunroof not closing properly The RennTech.org community is Member supported! I haven't been able t … read more There should be cover next to the sunroof button, that when removed, has a button for manually closing the sunroof. I've read posts about problems with the sunroof but seems I remember most of them had to do with not closing correctly or rattling, etc. Closing the sunroof To close the sunroof glass with the sunshade Push the sunroof control lever forward to the 2nd detent position. Continue to hold the switch in the close/tilt up position for an additional 20 seconds when the glass will make a slight movement indicating the module has been synchronized. 2013 ford taurus. Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Sunroof Will Not Close Feb 15, 2016 My 2010 Sonata has a sunroof which I did not mean to open. I had the common sunroof problem where it would almost close and bounce back, apparently hitting the deflector. how the sunroof can open and close manually as in the 1st Gen Odyssey had a keyway that the sunroof could manually be … The Subaru Outback is available in both sedan and station wagon versions. Hey guys just bought a 2015 6 series x drive gran coupe . My sunroof is not closing. I forgot to mention that it opens and closes no problem. There is a way to manually close the sunroof in your vehicle. Hey there so since truck was about 6 months old the sunroof has issues on closing. 11. Once the sunroof has stopped motion at the vent position, press and hold the vent switch for at least 5 seconds to recalibrate the sunroof position. When the sunroof is in the closed position, you can clearly see a small gap where the It closes to about a foot open and then slows down until it stops or reverses. The sedan has one sunroof in the front, and the station wagon has dual sunroofs: one front and one rear. I'll be calling the dealership in the morning to bring it in, but has this happened to anyone else? My ATS sunroof has been fine but I had to have my CTS in for adjustment when it was about a year old because it would sometimes stop when closing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk *meanwhile, somewhere in southern Illinois, there's an Acura STEALERSHIP, licking their chops, just waiting for you to bring your 2nd gen. MDX in for a (sunroof) repair estimate, so that they can tear you a new one So dealership dropped headliner to tighten and since than I've had the problem. You may have to register … Please consider an ANNUAL donation to help keep this site operating. I found a fix for Sunroof not closing flush! You cannot push the slider past the sunroof. I have the XLT model with sunroof/moon-roof combo. It appears that the sunroof is not closing all the way. The details of To start I had a water leak through a loose satellite antenna on back left drivers side. The sunroof should go down, open fully, and then close fully. Hello everyone. :( It opens, but it doesn't fully close, also, when the sunroof closes it pushes the sunroof interior slider closed as well. Essentially I open the sunroof, not tilt. Looked like pinch-protection was causing this probably due to a little extra tension in the old sunroof. Using the close/tilt up portion of the sunroof switch, operate the sunroof glass until it reaches the full vent position. I have tried what I think is everything This may take 20 to 30 seconds. Tried sunroof reset many times but dose not work. My sunroof just started to fail to close last nite. Found quite a few similar cases for the old American Edge from a Google search but found that my sunroof wont close this afternoon. On a positive note at least the ATS sunroof won't fly off on the highway behind you like the targa … I touched the button by mistake and the sunshade and sunroof opened. It closes until it reaches the collapsible air deflector and then stops. Just pushong tje bottom. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The sunroof on my 2018 Camry will not close consistently. kia sportage sunroof has trouble closing. Wondering if this is a common problem or if there is something I need to re-sync if you use the comfort close feature. Sorry if this has already been mentioned but I read several threads about the issue and most suggestions were to oil and lube it and to try and reset the sunroof. keeps stoping and going back open again. I tried to use my sunroof on my '14 Limited Saturday and noticed that the vent button and auto open and close are not working. I have brought it into the dealership 2x now and this is third time that the issue is reoccurring. I also posted this in the e38 forum as the issue is on my 740 but I notice my 528 did and my 530 does work the same way. The sounds that the sunroof … It opens fully, upon closing does not quick close but stops short about 2inches then have to press the close button again. let go. Tilt and slide buttons also non responsive i have tried to look for the My sunroof will not close flush or open to vent mode. Sunroof not closing. When I go to close it gets about 1/2 way then it "bumps" and starts to open again. Recently, my sunroof stopped functioning correctly. Well it's the second time the sunroof broke and will NOT close all the way, It sticks up in the corner over my head, and makes a nice crunching sound when I try to close it. The sunroofs are opened and closed by an electric motor, and sometimes this motor can fail. If you notice that when you close your sunroof, that it is not closing to the proper position; either too high or too low, so as not to seal correctly, you can use this fix to recalibrate the sunroof closed position. My B5.5 V6 sunroof was doing the "almost close, then open back up" thing. Anyone know if this is correct. A windshield is no longer a piece of glass that protects the cabin of the vehicle, … Hope someone can help, my 2013 touring's sunroof has stopped working it seems to be motor mulfunction and note Its no closing correctly. Sunroof not closing flush with the roof? Sun roof not closing on renault espace. Help - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. You may need to get the roof to the closed position first by lightly tapping the switch inward. Sunroof Not Closing 2019 Tesla Model X Step by Step Windshield Replacement It is well known that windshield on new vehicles have become a challenge for most Auto Glass companies. The switch does seem to do anything. Beautiful ride just realized the sunroof isn't opening . had a bash at this ( not literally-yet) and turned the little motor but could not see any further movement of the sunroof from its currently most closed position So, could someone do me a favour and confirm this- when the sunroof closes, does the rear edge of the sunroof move vertically as the last action of closing, This may take 20 to 30 seconds. 2013 GMC Acadia sunroof not closing flush. The rear (passenger side) of the sunroof is not closing completely. I haven't noticed any broken pieces of the sort. If you do not reset the sunroof, it may not work properly. There are no fuses blown. How can I manually close the moon/sunroof? (and this board is more active) No matter how hard I pull on the sunshade it will not close. Q: My sunroof won't close. Not sure but I think my sunroof is not closed correctly the front is flush but the back is is recessed. So after leaving the car with them overnight, they called up this afternoon telling me that they had it closed and sealed ($200) and told me that a screw came lose causing the gear to miss and break everything else involved in the process. I know that this has been written before (I searched), but it looks like it's been a while. so as to not activate the auto close function (that may cause it to auto open in your case).

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