You will need a higher concentration, at least 90%. wifi:start. This allows layer heights to be as small as 35 microns, which yields smoother, more detailed finished 3D prints compared to traditional FFF (fused filament fabrication) style 3D printing. The slicing software that comes with the Monoprice Mini SLA is called Creation Workshop. These gloves should be worn any time you are working with your resin printer. This is nice for D&D minis to give the prints some variety when making multiple copies. Chitubox is probably the best slic3r of the ones available. You will need to join the group to see it. Pictured is the Monoprice Obsidian Plus 5-Port USB Desktop Charger for $11.12 ($5 off). In this Episode I Unbox my replacement Monoprice MP Mini SLA, Updated to version 2. This can be used to increase the area of contact with the built plate and improve adhesion when printing. If you haven’t yet, check out our review of the Monoprice Mini SLA. With SLA technology being relatively new to the home market, there are not nearly as many options for software as there are for filament based 3D printers. Donations & Support. It uses an LCD display to cure layers of UV photosensitive resin with layer heights as small as 35 microns. You can move objects by dragging them but these controls allow you to specify a precise distance to move using X/Y/Z. The second support button is the manual supports button. Mirror allows you to create a mirror image of the object you have selected. Orders. To do that, click the fifth icon on the top row, the one that looks like a wedge. Chris Garrett. Pour some resin into the reservoir until it is about 1/4 full and you are ready to set up the software. The other option is Adaptive Supports, which will attempt to place supports exactly where they are needed. At the very top of the Support Generation options are 4 buttons. Payments. If you have the Deluxe model, copy the file you saved onto the thumb drive and take it to your printer. This software does have the capability of connecting with filament based 3D printers. WiFi. Simply pair it with your Wi-Fi network and add the included sample resin. Windows - Malyan Link. The Monoprice Mini SLA Speaking of naming confusion, the Monoprice Mini SLA is a rebrand/renaming of the Wanhao Duplicator7 DLP, and the rebrand has been implemented in a confusing way. You’ll need to click the connect button at the top in order for the software to establish the connection with the printer. When you click on the Configure tab, you should have the options to Configure Machine and Configure Slicing Profile. Scale applies to the current size of the object not the original size. As the platform lowers into the vat, the build plate will touch the bottom. This will help remove the excess resin. You want a light source that is at least 30 watts. There is a default profile for 50 microns which should give you excellent quality prints, better than is possible on most filament printers. Instead of using a laser to trace out a pattern to harden resin, as traditional SLA printer do, DLP printers project UV light into a vat of UV sensitive resin. Part of the post-processing process is to finish curing the print. This allows you to create nail supports exactly where you want them. Amazon Affiliate Program Disclosure. The default option is Bed of Nails, which creates a simply set of nail supports, spaced at constant intervals. You will get a drop down menu to select which slicing profile you want to use. Before you print your item, you may want to consider adding supports. There are a few sections you will need to configure for your printer. After a little while, printing will start to become natural for you. But before you get your printer, there are a few things you need to have on hand. The fourth button sets whether supports are to be added to all models you have loaded or just the one selected. Shine the UV light to safely cure the resin for disposal. Discussion. link to What is the future of 3D printing. Read honest and … We have... 3D Printing Realms is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The options on the far right determine what controls you have enabled on the Control tab. The Monoprice Mini SLA is a DLP 3D printer made by Monoprice, a manufacturer based in California, in the US. The only thing I can print with any success are really small items, like 20mm cubed or less. The Monoprice Mini SLA and SLA Deluxe printers are DLP, digital light processing, style printers. You will want to rinse off the print in IPA after removing it from the bath. Subaccounts. Tighten the screws back up. I was wondering if anybody has another slicer software suggestion that includes a profile for the … Monoprice Mini Deluxe SLA Resin UV 3D Printer With (120 x 70 x 200 mm) Build Area, Ultra High Resolution, ... Auto support generator: the software supplied with the MP mini SLA 3D printer has the ability to automatically generate any support elements needed. How to add multiple users to your main business account. It requires an account to download but not to run (prior to v1.4 it required a login to run). Most of my prints with the Monoprice MP Mini SLA fail in some way or another, from print defects to outright failure. Your prints will not adhere well to a smooth build plate. im in the same boat. This ensures that the plate is correctly leveled. The resin that you will be using is incredibly toxic. If they play button is grayed out, be sure to click the third button to connect to the printer. Before lowering the build platform down into the vat, loosen the hex screws on either side of the build plate. You will need a UV light to finish the curing process. Simply import your 3D 130994 and click a single button to generate all necessary supports. I created a 35 micron or 0.035 mm layer size profile for extremely. While the printer is connected to WiFi you may use a web browsers address/URL bar to send a command that will display the firmware version numbers on the printers LCD. This show featured upcoming technology in development. This is why you want the excess resin removed. The software that comes with a Monoprice Mini SLA printer is called Creation Workshop. I feel like I'm doing something inherently wrong. Do you have settings? Monoprice has quite the track record in the 3D printing community. This light can also be used when you inevitably spill resin. I have no issues with my Anycubic at work, but I can't get anything to work on this printer. Under Automatic Supports there are 2 options. Click on the first button, the one that looks like a folder, at the top of the Creation Workshop screen. You have to connect to its interface via Wi-Fi. The software sucks, and like others, you'll probably just give up on the wifi feature. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the resinprinting community. These technologies included self driving cars, improvements in solar... 3D printing has changed the creative world as we know it. The MP Mini SLA 3D Printer produces higher quality, more detailed, and smoother prints when compared to filament-based 3D printers. If you have the regular SLA, use the Creation Workshop on your attached computer. The software sucks, and like others, you'll probably just give up on the wifi feature. CHITUBOX Home Page. Setting up the printer is rather straight forward. Support this channel on … Customer Service Inquiries. I am not sure if the software had an update so that the instructions were just out of date or if this was just a poor translation. Placing orders. Before connecting the build plate to the platform, be sure to lightly sand the plate with fine grit sand paper. Monoprice MP Mini SLA Software. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under the following license: CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International CC … Monoprice MP Mini Deluxe 3D Printer Review: Low Cost, Big Frustrations 3D-print enthusiasts who want to try SLA printing at low cost may be tempted by the MP Mini Deluxe. You shouldn’t need to mess around with the settings here. So much so that the instructions included with my printer reference the Duplicator. If you are visually impaired and are having difficulty navigating this site, please call our Customer Support line via our toll free number 1 (877) 271-2592. Obtain pricing and availability before you purchase . Quotes. Tried a different model with Slic3r and it worked. You shouldn’t need to change any settings on this screen. Simply pair it with your Wi-Fi network and add the included sample resin. The plus button allows you to make copies of the object you have selected, the minus button removes the object, and the X button clears the build space. Scene displays a list of all objects you have loaded, including all the individual supports. Using the on-board controls will clear the version numbers from the display. There are settings for the printer itself and then there are settings for slicing. The printer is ready to print right out of the box. Taking a look at the $200 Monoprice MP Mini SLA LCD High Resolution Resin 3D Printer. This is my first foray into resin printing and so far I like it, but the slicer software it uses, Slic3r SLA Edition 1.42.0 alpha 7, is buggy and crashes often. Don’t forget to join the Monoprice Facebook page if you have any questions. Lower the plate into the reservoir using either the on screen menu in the Deluxe model. Android - 3D Craft.